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Leon & Sheila Eppard 14x28x8 Country Cottage

Approximately one year ago, we had the need for a storage building.  After shopping around and contemplating the possibility building it ourselves, we decided to go with a 10’ x 16’ Country Cottage Building from Helmuth Builders.  The building is beautiful, the price was very reasonable and the quality outstanding.  Since we chose to have the building placed within some trees, setting the  it was bit of a challenge for Mr. Helmuth, however he was able to do it without hesitation.  It actually looks like it has been there for years!!  When our need arose for a second storage building, we had no question as to what route we would take.  Our second building is a 14’ x 28’ Country Cottage.  Once again it is beautiful and we were very pleased with the price and marksmanship.  Setting this building was much more of a challenge due to the overall size and location, however Mr. Helmuth placed it exactly where we wanted it.  Thanks for fulfilling our storage building needs, it was a true pleasure working with Helmuth Builders.  We HIGHLY recommend Helmuth Builders!!!!!!!

Leon & Sheila