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June Sale

Save Big!

50% off our vinyl option extended through the month of June!

  Right now and through the rest of June upgrade to long lasting, maintenance free vinyl siding for half the price! No matter what style of building you are looking for, whether it be a Windsor, Barn, Cottage, or Lakeside, vinyl is always a great option. This upgrade to Vision Pro Double 4" Dutch Lap Siding will provide your backyard building with premium protection lasting for many years to come.

The Best Outdoor Paint

 Do you know what kind of paint should be used on your storage shed? Are you familiar with the different ways paint can be applied and which is best for your barn? Watch this video and receive a free education, or click read more and read a detailed discription. We will build your out building with the best materials on the market, we don't go cheap. 

Home and Garden Show Sale


Save a lot of money through the month of April - Receive a free Metal Roof as well as a free OSB Loft.